‘What I am trying to do is create a series of landscape images – powerful in their own right – that communicate our vulnerability to climate change, yet maintain a level of ambiguity.’
— Stuart Franklin

‘Footprint’ is a far-reaching book and exhibition of landscape photography emphasizing the vulnerability of Europe’s population and landscape in the wake of rapid climate change. It also explores, within a series of photographic essays, aspects of the human imprint on the European landscape, much of which will be attributed to climate change. The essays visually explore issues such as retreating glaciers, burning forests, catastrophic pollution, coastal and land erosion, the use of plastic in farming, golf in Spain, flooding in Germany, coastal settlement, disappearing Alpine meadows, Arctic sea ice, and the traces and impact of energy and transport use. It also seeks to document the positives of climate change including more sanitary water and drainage systems, regenerating forests (particularly in Scotland and Poland) and cleaner cities.